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Last Updated:
May 2016


The Rickman bothers entered the Kit Car Industry with the Ranger following their considerable experience in steel and G.R.P fabrication, they also provided kits for other manufacturers on a sub-contract basis. 

Over the next couple of years they produced the Convertible, Space Ranger, Rancher (all based on the Mk 1/2  Rwd  Escort) and finally the Metisse. (Sierra based)   

As more and more cars were built and put on the road it was decided to form a club.  The “Rickman Cars Owners Club”.  This grew quite considerably in the first few years with the membership peaking at over 500 members.  Over 1000 vehicles were built by Rickman and then later by the Lomax Company.  Many cars are still owned by the original builders.  

The “Rickman Cars Owners Club” own the UK manufacturing and marketing rights along with appropriate tooling to produce all spares including all G.R.P. mouldings.  They also produce a newsletter at least 4 times a year. 

The additional benefits of being a club member are:-  

A.    Discounted Insurance
B.    Discount on parts
C.    Technical information
D.    Newsletters
E.     Social events  
F.     Dedicated Members only Forum

To Join the Rickman Cars Owners Club please click the "Join The Club" button.                                      

Rickman Weekend 2002