London ULEZ (Low Emissions Zone)

It is probably useful to restate the advice the FBHVC have recently given on access to the ULEZ. Vehicles in the ‘historic’ taxation class simply are exempt from ULEZ charges. They are conscious that not too many of their members will wish to enter the zone, not least because access involves entering the Congestion Zone, from which historic vehicles are not exempt.

Some people have been misled by the Transport for London ULEZ ‘Checker’ page. But this page is misleading, as it is based solely on emissions ratings and does not appear to recognise the historic exemption. If however a driver were to click through the links from the Checker to the payment section they would indeed find they do not have to pay!

The roll-out is continuing. The Federation is currently in, or is about to enter into active engagement with the following Authorities; Birmingham City, Tyneside and Transport Scotland.